North Country Farms is an organic family farm with a farm stay cottage on Kauai. http://www.northcountryfarms.com I am Lee Roversi, the woman who owns and runs it. Lucky me! This blog has been created with the encouragement of many dear friends who have read my mental meanderings for years. Many writings are about the farm, many are about the sustainable movement in general, some about Kauai politics or, in a wild moment, about global issues. A few are just my own thoughts on life and love. Enjoy reading them. I surely have enjoyed writing them!

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  1. Love this photo of you. Mahalo for continuing to post your ramblings. I still have your colorful Food For Thought sheets from 97-02 in back of my recipe book, and when I read them, I always feel hopeful! Working in downtown Honolulu is a challenge for a country girl. Your ripple effect is real Lee and I’m grateful to you for sending it out

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