Our Family

An Organic Family Farm

Lee Roversi and her three children. Sky, Nell and Bay and their partners, are the creative forces behind the farm and its businesses. They are committed to the conscious intention behind the founding of North Country Farms.

Lee is dedicated to her grown children, feeling they are the best of her. She takes pride in providing a special experience to the guests on the farm. And enjoys creative writing, reading, tending the vegetables, flowers and fruits, beach walks, travel and her yoga practice.






Sky and Danelle were married on the farm a few years ago. They still live here and Sky is my main farming partner. Danelle is a talented seamstress with a home business. Their son, Lysander, is now part of the farm family

Nell and Benton were also married here on the farm. Recently they welcomed a baby boy, Dillon.They live in Seattle as the captain/engineer and chef on a privately owned yacht.

Bay and his shepherd, Una, live here on the farm. Bay has his own landscape maintenance business and a lifelong love of surfing.

Way back when, all of the children attended our local Waldorf elementary school. Deciding to bring them home years back to continue their educational life path in a largely self-directed way for high school and beyond was a source of great growth, discovery and joy for our family. Each of us is grateful for each other and our lives in paradise!

This farm is a combination of intensely beautiful nature and fine people with sterling intention. I have been so fortunate over the years to work this land with my children and other people who care. People who have helped me create the feeling of grace that pervades this farm. People with positive attitude, coupled with a solid work ethic.

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