Stepping Up and Stepping Back

With my blessing, everyone who lives on the farm left for travel adventures at the same time. This is a first ever, and I am thrilled for Sky and his family and for Bay and his girlfriend to stretch themselves and take on new experiences. Getting off the island is a terrific way to gain perspective and find renewal and appreciation in our lives.

This, of course, has left me for three weeks without their help in running the farm. While I readily admit that the solo time has been lovely, I also have been working my sweet ass off!

My thoughts while I handled the myriad of tasks usually shared by my family have gelled into these observations:

Firstly, I miss them and appreciate that I am surrounded daily with my sons, my daughter-in-law, and my grandson. Their company, help and love are a constant in my life and this is deeply heartwarming and wholly appreciated.

 Secondly, I am affirmed in my capabilities. Aside from running the tiller and mower, I am totally capable of handling each and every task necessary to keep things humming around here on these beautiful four acres. I am grateful for my health and my strong and somewhat lithe 73-year-old body.

Thirdly, while I can rise to the occasion, I do not wish to do it all myself. I feel just fine asking for help and for delegating to those younger and stronger than myself. This immense responsibility alone is not what I want in my daily life. I want, need and deserve more time to relish the days of my own shaping. That surely still entails working on the farm – at things I enjoy doing and do well. It also means taking quiet contemplative time, embracing my time at my favorite yoga studio and coffee shop in town. Or it can look like me and a book on the couch after lunch, dozing off for a 20-minute respite. It often can mean taking my grandson to the beach while his parents till and plant thousands of starts into the gardens. Or a long walk and talk with a friend.

 I appreciate that my family takes pride in this farm, our home, our worthy endeavors and each of them is willing to contribute in such meaningful ways.

So, kudos to me for stepping up and kudos to me for stepping back.

6 Comments on “Stepping Up and Stepping Back

  1. You have always been Wonder Woman to me… physically and intellectually. RESPECT!!!

  2. You are the heart and soul of the farm. You have put the time in for so many years. You are the wise woman now and delegating is your right. ❤️❤️

    • well what a sweet surprise!!! sending you love, lee

  3. The north shore wouldn’t be the same without your steady contributions over the years. Mahalo nui for nourishing us and I’m so glad your ohana supports the farm along side you

  4. Kudos to you for being the resilient soul that you are❤️

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