Fear Less, Hope More

“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more;

Love more, and all good things will be yours.”


This quote, apparently an old Swedish proverb, I found when I googled “positive thinking.” I’ve been working on the notion of envisioning more hope and happiness in the world, instead of taking on all the negativity that is currently so pervasive and somewhat popular.

I am all-too-aware of the state of the planet. One would have to be completely unconscious not to feel the wounds of the world–from the oil spewing in the Gulf of Mexico to the hate spewing in the Middle East. And I am surely clear that the choice I made many years ago to live on Kauai, where the impact is softened by the pristine environment and purposeful aloha spirit, has made my personal world more isolated and insulated. But, the savvy and smart me knows scoop and much of it is not pretty.

My thoughts have spun around and around and landed me in a place of renewed energy. Energy to live my days with honesty, humility and humor. To really be attentive to making the simple act of me-being-me count for something in this world where madness and greed have run amok and seemingly eclipsed kindness and goodness.

In my approach to each aspect of my life, I am choosing to fear less and hope more. Not in a vacuum, but backed by solid acts of caring, of conscious consumerism and activism. Activism by my lifestyle, grounded in compassion and awareness. Awareness of the insanity that is prevalent in this world and my antidote to it of choosing the high path every day, in every moment.  Whining less and breathing more. Talking less and saying more. And, above all, and perhaps the most healing of all–loving more.

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  1. Freedom of choice and intentionality: I believe these are inextricably intertwined.

    Each day you are intentionally choosing Kauai … or did Kauai long ago choose to call and enfold your incarnated spirit into Hers?

    Each day you are exercising your freedom to choose how you manifest your life-energy: each moment you are choosing whether to manifest optimism or pessimism, good or evil, beauty or ugliness … compassion or hardheartedness. Each moment more sentient beings are intentionally choosing to become part of a solution and no longer be part of a problem.

    You are intentionally choosing Kauai, choosing to keep your “personal world more isolated and insulated.” You are freely choosing a natural and interpersonal environment within which you may continue to evolve, continue to become all you shall become in this incarnation.

    Though Carol and I live some thirty miles north of Houston, currently the fourth largest city in USAmerica, our back yard here in The Woodlands is (literally) the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, thousands upon thousands of acres of a subtropical mature oak and pine forest overflowing with Mother’s abundance. Two daytime voices within our neverending summertime symphony especially resonate with our grateful consciousnesses: the “big noise” voices of house wrens, and the ethereal voices of wood thrushes.

    For now, this is home. This retreat, this “poustinia,” is where we are intentionally and freely choosing to remain … at least until we realize the time has come to leave home and come home to Kauai.

    Perhaps the true essence of humankind’s long individual and corporate evolutionary journey toward becoming Great Compassion is best expressed through the manifold ways each of us is freely and intentionally and continually choosing to manifest our life-energies.

    May you, Lee, continue to experience and manifest “a place of renewed energy.”


  2. Good morning my friend,

    What a beautiful thing, to wake up and find your site, to hear your truth, I send you love.

    Your example has always touched me deeply. Change happens by example. I am reminded to be the change that I teach each and every day. Blessings….

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