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Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years. I first discovered the joys of the practice when I was pregnant with my oldest son, Sky. That was over 26 years ago. Depending on where I have been in my life, I have had diverse immersions in my practice. It was challenging to find time to devote to yoga with three little ones and a farm to start and house to build! But, now I find the spaciousness in my life to include yoga, virtually daily. But, it looks different. By that I mean the thrust of my practice has been recently to bring my yoga to my life, not to have to set aside time to do my asanas each day.  How does that look? It means when I’m at the sink doing dishes, I am aware of how I’m standing. —Are my feet firmly planted on my wood floor? –Are my shoulders dropped? It means when I am walking down the beach, I bring my attention to the front of my body and lengthen it intentionally. It means when I feel like reacting to something in my orbit, be it a person or an event, I consciously take a deep steady breath before responding.  It means when I sit down to eat I attempt to do it mindfully—saying a quiet prayer of gratitude for the food, for the farmer who grew it, for the sun and rain that nourished it.

Mindful eating focuses our attention on the tastes, smells and sanctity of food. It’s one

of the simplest ways to improve digestion and delight the senses.”

From the book The Joy of Mindful Eating.

I still adore a wonderful yoga class, as well as solo time reverently spent moving through poses. And I am in constant appreciation to the amazing yoga teachers I have had in my life who have helped take my practice to deeper levels. But, it truly has come back, at this plentiful and pondering time in my life, to me. To my responsibility to bring it all home, each and every day, in each and every way. Yoga is about strength and flexibility, but not only in our bodies—in our minds and spirits as well. And it comes through in finest fashion when we are in a place of conscious mindfulness.

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  1. Truly inspirational Lee. Thanks for your shared wisdom.

  2. I love it! Love this post and love my yoga! I just got a space to practice my yoga and your post reminded me of how much I too appreciate it! Although, to bring it to dishes I have yet to do, except for the other day when I was thinking about one of your earlier posts while I was doing dishes. To yoga in our life! To you! Namaste…

  3. Carol and I are so looking forward to meeting you in May while we enjoy your Orchard Cottage…

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