Road Ramblings

Having just returned to Kauai after a month roaming the mainland in an newly purchased, but far-from-new, VW camper van with my son, Bay, from Santa Fe to Santa Cruz, my thoughts turn to that time away. . .

The best:

  • Best hand-me-downs from loved ones for the trip: cashmere long sweater from Michelle, down comforter from Vicki, large ceramic travel mug from Natasya.
  • Best purchase on the road: assorted pack of bungee cords
  • Best nostalgia: drinking our fresh camper water filled from Natasya and Gary’s well
  • Best pre-planning: sending ahead a box of rags and dish towels from home

Thoughts on an early morning in Nevada:

I’ve done sun salutations for years, but nothing like this morning as the sun hit the peaks with aspens aglow across the valley from the campsite. And then it slowly crept through the pines and into our campsite, taking the 35 degree cold and shooing it away and seeping into my body. I closed my eyes, let it flow over me and breathed it in, along with thanks, as I shed layers and embraced 50 degrees like a balm. 


Trips like this provide fodder for memories unfettered to your daily life and, as such, are held differently. I look forward to more road rambling in this camper that already holds such great energy from our adventures.





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