Where to Begin

I’m thinking just now about where to begin. How not to feel overwhelmed on this Monday morning. I am a list-maker and that list is mocking me at this moment. Look at me! Ha, think you can even get through half of this! You are crazy! I can hear the sarcasm and guffaws from that damn list!

Well, here’s what I’m going to do right after I finish this post. I’m going to take a deep breath. I’m going to return to gratitude. Gratitude for the autonomy I have in my work. The sheer fact that I can take on these tasks in whatever order and whatever fashion I choose is rare and to be treasured. They are MY responsibilities. And the reality is that I love my work. The separation between my life and my work is blurred. There is joy in the mundane, if I make the decision to reside in that joy.

So, take that you long and daunting list! You have nothing on me that I can’t handle with a smile and a nod to the beauty of my life!



3 Comments on “Where to Begin

  1. And you do with amazing grace. Such an inspiration you are sweet sister!
    Love C

  2. thank you for the reminder that I too have the autonomy to check things off my lists at my own pace and order….to that end, i’ve decided that today, one week after moving into a new house, instead of unpacking or cleaning (which seems will never end) I’m going to have a little fun with my boys.

    Blessings! Thank you for growing food. It’s the second most thankless job, after raising kids!

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