Well, not quite annihilation


“Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” Pema Chodron

So reads the quote I found this morning. This after what many of you already know was two weeks of intense and devastating rains, wind, and hail on Kauai. We experienced record-breaking amounts of rain–35 inches in 3 days, to be exact. The farm took a hard hit, while we huddled by our wood stove (after Sky repaired the chimney pipe lid which was blown off!) and watched the torrential storm unleash its fury day after day with unbelieving eyes.

So, we pick ourselves back up and watch for that treasured sun to return along with our gentle trade winds. We shall rebuild the beds, replant, resow, hoe, weed and feed. All the while remembering that it is our spirits that are indestructible.

We love what we do here on our farm. And, once again, nature has humbled us. Once again, we shall carry on.



Hanalei Valley from overlook during storm flooding

4 Comments on “Well, not quite annihilation

  1. I love your spirit and attitude! Remain positive! So sorry to hear about your damage. We are looking forward to our visit with you in early August and will be glad to help out with anything if needed. Hopefully you’ll be dried out by then!

    Sending plenty of good karma your way, and we’ll be sure to bring some too!

  2. OMG…the photo puts a picture to the words and…OMG…that is a LOT of water…
    Love you and know this has been hard, but also know that you will make the best damn lemonade possible out of it all.

  3. Dear Lee, your spirit continues to inspire! We too send our energy toward visualizing the return of the treasured sun and gentle trade winds to rebuild your next harvests. May that be the brighter confirmation of all the amazing hard work you all do in loving companionship with the land and all that you would sustain. This makes our special visit to the Garden Cottage of December 2010 that much more precious. Best wishes, Mike and Kerry

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