With the fourth of July just past, I got to pondering independence. How we are so sure that this is a great thing. Well, I am all for independence. But I have some reservations about our push on it. I surely understand the unhealthy aspects of co-dependence. However, I think we have forgotten about fine inter-dependence. We need each other! How lonely and sad would our lives be without each other? How difficult would it be to have to do all the things that need doing? We need our families to surround us with unconditional love and appropriate direction. We need our friends to stand by us and offer laughter and solace, depending on the situation. We need our communities that nourish us and provide support, in all sorts of ways. We are essential to each other, as our breath is to our lives. I, for one, don’t want to ever forget or take those on whom I rely for granted.


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