“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
Thomas Merton

In my life, no two days are exactly alike. Usually I can arise when I like and take on the day in the manner that suits me. That, however, is surely not the same as saying there is no rhythm to my fine life. I thrive on rhythm. I surely know children do and I think most adults crave it in some fashion also.
The farm has an ebb and flow that needs tending to — every week we plant  trays of seeds, every two weeks we plant baby starts out in the field, every Tuesday we harvest for our community, every Wednesday we hoe and weed all the gardens.
Each morning I make the rounds of the farm, feeding the cats, ducks, chickens and rabbits. It is a slow and sweet awakening to the rhythm of the day.
The coffee ritual has its own cherished cadence in my mornings. The breathing in before the breathing out the bustle the often-busy day has for me. Evenings always have some kind of sunset pause for me, another breathing in. Sundays have a totally different feel and non-structure, but surely would not be Sunday without the New York Times! So even the day with the least shape has a rhythm.
When my children were small, I saw that the rhythm I created was comforting for them. We had the most harmonious times when that was respected. I think that a certain amount of this same pulse and flow still sings to my soul and balances my being.

5 Comments on “Rhythm

  1. As I read this I saw you, in my minds eye, going through each of these rituals. I heard the duck pen open, and sat with you for a moment at the puzzle, or giggling into the evening on the couch, passing the pad back and forth. I just had to make note here…I see you sweet sister. You walk in my heart every day.

  2. So beautifully expressed, Lee! I’ve used the word “structure” in the past, but it has such a harsh, rigid sound to it, especially next to the melodic softness and cadence of rhythm. Thank you for that distinction!!!
    Happy Sunday!
    xoxo Jeannie

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