Is It Really Possible??!!

Is it really possible that just a few days ago I turned 65??!! The sheer volume of the number boggles my mind. Remembering how ancient that seemed just a flash ago make me realize just how those years have whizzed by. In a blink.

Wasn’t I just this one year old child in a post-war boom, a golden era in which to grow up?
Wasn’t I just this high school student, so sure I was going to be a famous writer in New York City?

Wasn’t I just this carefree career gal flying off to ski holidays in Europe?
Wasn’t I just this young mama with a miracle in my arms?
I was all of those. Still am — somewhere inside. All have shaped me into the woman I am today. Life has been kind to me. My experiences have been mostly gentle, even those that weren’t.

Happy Birthday to me. May I be the wise old crone writing years from now —- didn’t I used to be that 65 year old with so much energy to give and so much love surrounding me??!!

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  1. Happy Birthday from someone who loves reading your blog and wishes you would write more. You always put on paper what I feel.

  2. many thanks, shirley. sometimes i, too, wish i could find time to write more. sometimes the sentiments just pour out of me. i so appreciate your support! in warm aloha, lee

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