A Rainy Day

rainy day

Just what is it about a rainy day? Especially after weeks of bountiful beautiful sun. We pull in. We become more still. Introspective. On the farm, there is little we can accomplish outside. So the house becomes my world. My home. My cozy home. Soup seems so right. Reading under a soft blanket is just the ticket. Tea tastes better than ever. The sound of the rain is soporific, soothing. Looking out the windows of my world for the day, the green is vibrant. The gardens seem to be drinking in the water like they only do with gentle rains. The sound track of the day is both the earth and me sighing.

2 Comments on “A Rainy Day

  1. OK Lee. This is like dangling a piece of string cheese in front of a cat. A me cat, with the wry perspective of getting as much rain in a year as you do in a single day. And me being a rain-baby. I so miss walking barefoot through the mud and grass and the mud and the mud and more mud on the island. Squishy mud, that is. Right through the toes. I agree…such reflection deserves a sigh…as I pull on my boots and mittens and wrap around a scarf, and trudge out across the frozen “tundra” of winterland to go retrieve the mail. You go girl, and enjoy it for me.

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