Dreams and Death

I dreamed of my parents last night. I don’t often do that, but, when I do, I awake simultaneously both happy and sad. Happy that I spent time in my dreams with them, which is always joyous and interesting. Sad that I cannot do so in my waking life any more. My parents were fun and smart and mostly really easy to be around. Since I’ve lived on Kauai, they were always far away geographically, living on the East Coast of the mainland. But, never far from my heart. In my dream last night, we were trying to get somewhere in my car. My dad was trying to bring up directions on my iPad, which is amusing in itself as he never even saw an iPad. This became obvious as he tried in vain to find the map app. I pulled over and he and my mom and I had a good laugh, as he bemoaned the lack of a ‘good old paper map.’ The morning birdsong pulled me out of my dream into the dawn and I awoke with the smile from our chuckle still on my face. Then that light melancholy perched on my shoulder as I swam into consciousness remembering that today, like all days in the past several years, I cannot be with them. Just in my dreams. That shall have to be enough. I eagerly await the next time they accompany me in my sleep.


mother and daddy


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  1. Very sweet, Lee. Love the photo, and of course I can relate to missing parents. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, at least I didn’t. Glad you got to have a visit. Love to you, Maren Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 03:48:14 +0000 To: marenorion@hotmail.com

  2. I’ve been able to visit with mine once in my sleep. It was bittersweet. Love and hugs to you dear sisterfriend. thank you for expressing this so sweetly.

  3. Lovely photo Lee and very well expressed. I dream occasionally of my dad and the twins (my sisters who have passed) and it is often unsettling to wake up and realize it was “a dream”, yet……..also beautiful in the early moments of waking to smile and remember. Usually in my dreams, I am back in Maryland in the old farm house where we all grew up together.

  4. I still have my parents with me and they only live an hour drive away, so I go visit them about twice a month. My parents are like yours, so much fun, they are my friends. I see them getting older and try not to think of how it will be when they’re gone; it’s just too awful to think of that. With love Lee, Shirley

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