Random Constructive Time

Ever find yourself watching the clock for that appointment that is in 30 minutes or so and wondering what to do in the meantime that might make sense.

I had a 9:00AM meeting here on the farm today with a roofer to look at our tractor shed for re-roofing. I found myself at about 8:20AM having arisen at 6:00AM, made my bed and straightened up my bedroom, fed the animals, made my coffee, checked and responded to emails, goofed around on FaceBook, did a quick ten minute yoga routine, scrambled some eggs, juiced some oranges and sat enjoying both. Forty minutes to kill. Not enough time to get involved in one of the myriad of projects I have on a list. But surely enough time to do something that needs doing.

┬áHere are some thoughts as to how to spend those random times— and I’ll let you guess which one or ones I did . . .


  • go through one shelf of books and chose 10 to take to the thrift store
  • use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean your computer keyboard
  • clean the glass on all the artwork in your living room
  • scour the kitchen sink
  • read a few chapters in the book you are into
  • pre-treat the stains on that tee shirt you have in a pile in your room
  • go around your foundation planting and pick up debris
  • call your mother or friend from far away
  • write three postcards to loved ones
  • clear the lousy photos off your phone
  • straighten two kitchen drawers
  • take every pillow off of couch and chairs — go outside and fluff them–hard!
  • meditate
  • update your apps
  • soak some beans for a future meal
  • boil some water and sterilize your water bottles


I often look around my home and life and become a tad overwhelmed at all there is to do. Taking those random times and turning them into something constructive for your home or yourself or both is a way to chip away at the massive amount of work and energy it takes to keep our home and lives cleaned and organized.


Just this Virgo’s thoughts for the day!


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  1. From a fellow Virgo, I vote the Q-T Love them!! Love your blogs and I garnered some ideas to put into a forty minute space. Love, Bobbee

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