Reach Out and Touch Someone

The human touch. Vital.

Just now I had a fine and fabulous hour and half of body work. It was exquisite. There were knots I knew I had and some she found that were surprising. Time was taken with tender deep work to unravel and relax me.

What I realized at the very end of this time, as my head was being massaged and her sweet intuition realized the nirvana that I had reached, was that just being touched in such a sensitive and caring way was, in itself, healing. Not just the untying of the chunks of overworked and tense muscles, but the touch.

Having not been in a romantic relationship for years, I miss touch. Not sex, necessarily, although that might be just fine also. But, touch. Cuddling. Thankfully I have a community that treasures hugs, as does my family. We all need that loving touch.

Forgive me from quoting a commercial a ways back from some communication company —

“Reach out and touch someone.” Trust me, they will feel better.


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  1. I think about this..a lot actually. Went to see a friend in the hospital and passing all these rooms with people all alone. I thought, how awesome it would be if we could go into each room and simply hold space. Hold a hand and rub a back. But I think so many people would be uncomfortable with this, sadly. We need to change this. Maybe we need to push through.

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