Sometimes I sit down to write and after a few lines I erase, shut down the computer and walk away somewhat puzzled. I wonder who would want to read what I have to say. Then last night after an exceptional yoga class something dawned on me.

 I am 67 years old. I have had many varied life experiences. I have acquired wisdom. Sometimes the school of hard knocks taught me well. The wrinkles I have are well-earned in both the laugh lines and the worry ones. Somehow I have raised three children who all have much to offer this world. Much to my own surprise, I have managed for 16 single years to maintain this farm and businesses.  In my orbit are a wonderful group of intelligent and fine friends. Love and abundance surround me. I must have something deserving of sharing through my writing. Just what shape that may take the next time I sit down to compose I am not certain. But, I no longer feel inadequate expressing it.  At least that’s the clarity I got last evening. We’ll see if it sustains.

5 Comments on “Clarity

  1. Inadequate is not ever a word that equates with you…. I love reading your thoughts. You are spectacular!

  2. As always Lee – your remarks are spot on and connect to me personally.

  3. I read each one….via email. 43 year old mom of 3 🙂

    • that is so heartening, karen. many thanks and aloha.

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