Go on–Grow Something!

As I write this, Sky has just finished attending the first day of The National Heirloom Exposition in California. I know he will come back to the farm totally jazzed and full of new information and intention. This is truly an exciting time to be farming, with so much meaningful buzz on organics, heirlooms, sustainability, community and so much more. Go on!–grow something!


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  1. If Sky is in Sonoma County for more than a few days, to attend this seed fest, there is always Redwood Hill Farm Goat Dairy to check out in West County. The Bice family started out in Sonoma County before some branches went to Kauai for awhile. The Bices at Redwood Hill Farm have a strong connection to Kauai, having lived there & then back to the farm in Sebastopol. An interesting destination, as well.

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