Resolve Something Every Day. Every Hour. Every Moment.

It is New Years Eve – again. And randomly you will be asked “What is your New Years Resolution?” Ugh. How hugely annoying I find that question. Ask anyone in March what their resolution was and most will have forgotten or given it up. We are suckers for setting ourselves up to fail.

“I’m on a diet.” And you see that person a week later with apple crisp smothered in vanilla ice cream and a sheepish grin on their face. Their response? “It was too hard.”  “I’m going to yoga every day for the rest of my life.” Later that month the excuses abound. “Classes too expensive.” “Too much work, not enough time.” “I will never ever yell at my children again. Ever.” Until they bug the crap out of you for a little thing on a day that has simply been way too much or they come home after curfew without answering their cell phone for an hour and you’ve been worried sick.

Why don’t we resolve every day to just try. Just have the intention to eat healthier, exercise more, be more compassionate and communicative. Just try. Just that day. Just that hour. Just that moment. Attempt to find the balance more. And forgive ourselves when we don’t.

I know what I’m going to do in 2014. Breathe more. And more deeply. Starting the next time this week someone asks me what my resolution is.



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  1. I just love your beautiful mind and heart Happy happy joy joy M

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