Some Thoughts on Aging

Ever go to the camera on your phone only to find it facing you and become rather startled at who that person is? Or Face Time with a loved one and feel sincerely shocked at the little image in the box on that screen that is you? Or my personal favorite – walk by a mirror and wonder just who that old person is looking at you?

Growing up and growing old is inevitable.   How we handle it, however, has more room for options.  At my current 68 years old, I look at my hands and I see my mother’s hands. I look at my numerous wrinkles and see hours of laughter and even hours of worry. My once-perky, now-saggy, breasts are a tribute to over nine years of nurturing my children at those breasts. My gray hair I try to wear as a crown—a crown of glory for all the years I have been happy and healthy on this planet. I smile when I recall that one of my sons told me it wasn’t gray, it was platinum—a far finer description.

Mind you, this doesn’t always work. That face and body looking back at me in the instances above is inarguably aged, which is, I suppose, marvelous considering the alternative.  But, it doesn’t always please me. I am well aware I am stuck with it and I chose not to alter it in any expensive and vain way. But still my attitude towards my appearance wavers, depending on so many things.

Mostly I see the most prominent variable in how I feel about how I look is how happy I am in the moment. How content. How fulfilled. And, how well rested. I have noticed that the photos I see of myself when I am happy are the ones where I think I look my best.

Today I had coffee with a dear friend who commented on how nice I looked, despite me moaning about my exposed fleshy upper arms in the tank top I was wearing for the yoga class I just finished. I then recalled what I know to be true—if we saw ourselves as the people who love us see us, we would feel more confident in our beauty.

So, take good care of yourself. Feed yourself fine food. Exercise and stretch even when you don’t feel like it. Make rest a priority. Take time to nurture your relationships. They are the food for your soul. Because what matters in the end, is not how we looked, but how we loved.

Cheers! Here is to you and me. . . and growing old!

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11 Comments on “Some Thoughts on Aging

  1. So beautifully said…you inspire…and you really did look especially bright and lovely today!! xoxoxo

  2. I so relate!! Yes, lots of compassion for all we have given and done in this life along with loving self care and people who see us for who we really are✨♥️✨I see your beauty, appreciate your wisdom, and I love and miss your spirit and laughter!

  3. I smiled reading this. Thank you for sharing your feelings about “who is that looking back at me.” The camera thing just happened and somehow took a photo. Omg. And the upper arm, all I can do is giggle.

    • Such a beautiful insight..You are lovely radiant and beautiful..and is that a cosmopolitan your hand? My favorite drink if i were to have one.. Cheers to us, aging divinely….


  4. Thank you! I have similar feelings and struggle with staying positive when I see my skin sagging as I do my yoga….I need a reminder sometimes that we are still beautiful in a different way. The ones who love us can see our beauty. But it is a bit of a shock when I look in the mirror. Still, I am so grateful for this aging body of mine. Would not give it up or trade it for anything. Love it!

  5. So well put. Thanks for sharing your inspirational thoughts!

  6. Nice post, thanks. Timely as I am a few months away from one of those hallmark bdays and contemplating this topic more. Main thing for me is maintaining health with a healthy lifestyle and the required more maintenance – more Chiropractic, massage, Acupuncture, yoga and healthy meals.I’ve been shocked by the cell phone cam, the other bathroom mirrors with full lighting, ha, but where I feel it is in physical activities. Trying to still be a prone surfer, my goal until at least 70, and now playing handball with a new crew of players who are all 35 and well trained in the sport. The recovery time from a session with them is long and involved. But still thankful to be walking, surfing and alive. Thanks again for the post and good job starting conversation.

  7. Love this post. You are one of the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out. I know you didn’t write this to get a bunch of people telling you how beautiful you are. But it’s true. Just deal with it. 🙂

  8. love you…..we are beautiful and very fortunate to have the bodies, smile, worry lines we have…
    sometimes we just need little reminders…thank you dear freind:)

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