Every night when I sink into my wonderful bed with my cozy down comforter, I am grateful.

Grateful for another day here on Kauai. Grateful to be surrounded by so much love. Grateful for the

fine organic food we grow and eat. Grateful for this piece of paradise that has provided such

abundance. Grateful for the amazing help I have on the farm from my sons.  Grateful

that my daughter, while too far away, is in such a happy sweet marriage. Grateful for all the friends

who have supported and cared for me for so many years, without whom I would be lost. Grateful for my

health, which I treasure and never take for granted. Grateful that there is always another book to read

and savor. Grateful for the clean water that comes from our tap. Grateful for this

handmade-with-love home, which has sheltered us from storms, both the weather and the emotional

sort. I have so much in a world where so many have so very little. That pause each and every night is

such an important reminder.

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