I spoke with a friend yesterday. She is a giving and caring woman, loved and appreciated by many.

This past year she has had some health challenges. In our conversation, she admitted having a great 

deal of fear surrounding this Corona Virus. We talked it through and I hope I made her feel more at

ease. But, it got me thinking. . .Why am I not fearful of this devastating virus sweeping the world? I am

not being unrealistic, nor uninformed.  In fact, I am quite a news junky and certainly there is more

than enough coverage of this pandemic online and NPR radio!

I think fear is not the appropriate response. Caution perhaps. Clarity for sure. Compassion. Concern.

Cleanliness. For me fear does absolutely nothing to possibly protect myself and my loved ones from

this bizarre virus. It just sets my mind racing and my actions become ineffective. And it is a proven fact  

that fear just stresses our immune systems — just what we do not want at this tenuous time.

 I googled “immune system and fear” and there are several articles from medical journals on just this


So, rather than be fearful, what am I doing? Washing my hands. Eating well. Getting outside in the

fresh air. Being sure to get lots of sleep. Keeping hand sanitizer in the car for when I am out. Going to

my yoga classes with my own mat. Taking my usual supplements — an anti-inflammatory, fish oil and

just added elderberry. Breathing in deeply and exhaling a protective bubble around me and my loved

ones.  Being fearful does nothing but feed anxiety and unconscious behavior.

2 Comments on “Fear

  1. Love you, Mama. In my thoughts and heart on the daily. Always.

  2. I like C is not for Corona but your “…Caution perhaps. Clarity for sure. Compassion. Concern.
    Cleanliness…”. I’d like to add re-Center.
    From a rural Oregon hobby farm we decide not to cancel to come visit Kauai next week. I’d love to visit your farm next time in future. Thanks for your email reply! Take care… 🙂

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