For November 2020 and all it promises to bring. .

November, go easy on me. This has been a tumultuous time. My emotions are all over the place. My usually grounded self can sway toward worry, anxiety and even sadness. I speak to people all the time who have experienced these same unsettling swings. You can read a plethora of articles on self-care during these uncertain times. And, I am aware of every bullet point. They are thoughtful and appropriate reminders, which I appreciate. Often I can even muster up one of the antidotes. But, even considering myself a relatively conscious individual, sometimes I just falter and fall into the abyss. But, I am writing to just make a mental note to stay centered when it all feels off-kilter. Be nice, November, I’m trying.

One Comment on “For November 2020 and all it promises to bring. .

  1. Lee,
    Hold on, hold on. I’m thinking of a better time just for you and your beautiful family farm. I look forward to meeting you in December when
    my friend moves there.

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