Time and Trees

Twenty-five years ago my then-husband and I bought this land. We had just two little children then and a dream. We built a shed on the wide-open land. We lived there in simple humble fashion for two years while we built our home.


We were at the farm supply store one day and the elderly Japanese grandpa, who spoke barely a word of English, took my hand and signaled for me and the kids to follow him—across the parking to a giant avocado tree. He somehow communicated that these were the best avocados in the world and filled a bucket for us to take home.

After eating several ripe ones, the kids and I took one promising seed and did the tried-and-true toothpick in a glass of water sprouting trick. It worked like a charm. That little tree was planted right next to the shed we were living in, one of the first things planted on the land.


Now, each and every autumn for the past 17 years or so it has produced hundreds of the most delicious avocados in the world. That grandpa was so right. He has passed on. We still trade at that store—the next generation of the same family has taken it over. And, the avocado tree by the parking lot is gone.

But ours lives on. And we are so glad!


3 Comments on “Time and Trees

  1. Beautiful, Lee! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your vacation wherever you go!!!
    xoxo Jeannie

  2. oh how this post makes me happy. truth, grounded truth, and joy and livelihood, and generations, and simplicity, and oh…did i mention joy? – all in one post.

  3. They were and are still to me the absolute best Avos ever!!! Thanks for honoring this story Lee. Respect the aina. And pass on from one generation to the next. 🙂

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